Victory Securities And VSG To Develop Virtual Asset Fund Products


Victory Securities has announced a strategic partnership with Virtual Seed Global (VSG) to create regulated virtual asset fund products for investors. This collaboration aims to combine Victory Securities’ compliance expertise with VSG’s data acquisition and industry research capabilities to meet the rising demand for virtual asset investments.

The memorandum of understanding between Victory Securities and VSG marks a significant step towards developing innovative virtual asset fund products within a robust compliance framework. By leveraging the strengths of both firms, the partnership aims to provide investors with new opportunities in the rapidly growing virtual asset market.

Kennix Chan, Executive Director of Victory Securities, emphasized the importance of this collaboration. “Our clients are increasingly interested in diverse asset categories, and with the global growth of the virtual asset industry, we are partnering with professional organizations like VSG to create compliant products that help our clients seize market opportunities,” Chan stated.

This partnership is designed to maximize the unique strengths of both companies. Victory Securities brings a wealth of experience in compliance, ensuring that all new products meet stringent regulatory standards. Meanwhile, VSG contributes its expertise in data acquisition and industry research, providing valuable insights into market trends and opportunities.

Jacky Wang, founder of VSG, highlighted the potential of this collaboration. “With our unique virtual asset strategies and proven track record, we can unlock more potential in the virtual asset industry. Our cooperation with Victory Securities will drive market expansion and enhance product offerings in the future,” Wang said.

In addition to the partnership with VSG, Victory Securities recently announced new services aimed at professional investors. On June 12, the firm introduced stablecoin deposit and withdrawal services, including Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC). These services are available on the VictoryX App, providing a convenient platform for investors to manage their virtual assets.

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Previously, Victory Securities expanded its offerings to include Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) trading for retail investors, integrating these features into the same platform. This move underscores the firm’s commitment to providing comprehensive virtual asset services to its clients.

Victory Securities has been a pioneer in the virtual asset space, being the first brokerage to receive the necessary licenses for virtual asset operations in Hong Kong. These licenses include Type 1 for Virtual Asset Trading, Type 4 for Virtual Asset Advisory Services, and Type 9 for Virtual Asset Management Services. This regulatory approval highlights the firm’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards of compliance and security in its operations.

The partnership between Victory Securities and VSG is a response to the growing demand for virtual asset investments. As the industry continues to evolve, investors are looking for reliable and compliant products to diversify their portfolios. By combining their expertise, Victory Securities and VSG are well-positioned to meet this demand and provide innovative solutions for their clients.

The introduction of stablecoin services and the expansion of virtual asset trading options reflect Victory Securities’ proactive approach to staying ahead in the market. These initiatives are designed to offer clients a broader range of investment opportunities and enhance their overall experience with virtual assets.

The collaboration between Victory Securities and VSG is poised to drive significant advancements in the virtual asset industry. By focusing on compliance and leveraging cutting-edge research and data analysis, the two firms are set to create a new generation of virtual asset fund products that cater to the evolving needs of investors.

As the virtual asset market continues to grow, partnerships like this one will be crucial in developing products that are not only innovative but also secure and compliant. Victory Securities and VSG’s joint efforts will undoubtedly contribute to the maturation of the virtual asset industry, offering investors new ways to capitalize on emerging market opportunities.

Victory Securities and VSG’s partnership represents a major step forward in the virtual asset industry. By combining their strengths and focusing on compliance, the two firms are well-equipped to develop cutting-edge products that meet the needs of modern investors. As they continue to innovate and expand their offerings, clients can look forward to a more dynamic and diverse virtual asset investment landscape.