Ubisofts Champions Tactics Free Warlord NFT Drop Date Revealed


Ubisoft has set the stage for an exciting milestone in blockchain gaming with the impending launch of the “Warlord” NFT drop for their Web3 title, “Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles.” This significant step forward is scheduled for December 18th and marks Ubisoft’s bold foray into the world of blockchain-integrated gaming experiences.

Kicking off on December 18th, the NFT drop initiates with a private mint exclusively for players on the “Darklist” at 6 a.m. ET before opening to the public at 2 p.m. ET on the same day. What sets this apart is Ubisoft’s decision to give away the initial 8,000 “Warlord” NFTs for free, with collectors only covering Ethereum network gas fees.

The “Warlords” are digital pixelated heroes equipped with an assortment of weapons, designed not only for in-game usage but also as profile picture (PFP) NFTs. This fusion of gaming and digital identity underscores the evolving synergy between gaming and collectible digital assets.

Owning a Warlord NFT brings more than just digital ownership; it grants access to future gaming advantages. Ubisoft has revealed that Warlord holders will have the privilege of participating in a future mint, enabling them to acquire five Champions Tactics characters without cost.

While Ethereum is utilized for the NFT ecosystem, the game itself will operate on the Oasys blockchain, a platform compatible with Ethereum. The plan involves minting a total of 9,999 Warlord NFTs, with 1,000 reserved for the Oasys community and 999 earmarked for promotional purposes.

The game’s mechanics and strategies remain shrouded in mystery, yet Ubisoft has unveiled intriguing lore. Set in Grimoria, a realm divided into seven factions, each led by its distinct warlords, the game presents a diverse spectrum of factions, from zombie-like beings to demonic entities and medieval knights.

Champions Tactics, a player-versus-player tactical RPG, features a dark fantasy setting with characters reminiscent of tabletop game figurines. Initially announced in June 2023, the game is slated for an early 2024 release on PC.

Adding to the anticipation, Ubisoft has confirmed collaborations with two prominent Web3 projects, Pixelmon and CyberKongz. While specifics about these partnerships are forthcoming, they are expected to play a supporting role in the launch and mint of Champions Tactics.

As Ubisoft charts this innovative course, the gaming titan not only broadens its gaming portfolio but also steers the trajectory of play within mainstream gaming towards immersive blockchain-integrated experiences.