Ubiatar – The Power Of Ubiquity

Ubiatar – The Power Of Ubiquity
Ubiatar – The Power Of Ubiquity

Ubiatar – The Power Of Ubiquity

Ubiatar’s ICO will launch on the 23rd March. The service is already up and running, and excitement is building ahead of the next phase of its development. So, what is Ubiatar and how is it going to change how we interact with the world?

You can’t be in two places at once. But imagine for a moment that you could. Imagine you could walk around the streets of Paris or New York while you sit at home in Mumbai. Or explore the Pyramids of Egypt while the rain falls outside your apartment in Oslo.

Imagine then that you could share your experiences with others. You might walk past the Guggenheim every day; why not go inside and share the encounter with someone on the other side of the world? Finally, imagine getting paid to show your world to someone else.

Ubiatar wants to make these dreams a reality. You can be part of this project by joining the ICO on the 23rd of March 2018.

The Project

Ubiatar offers the opportunity for people to experience the world without leaving their house. It also presents an exciting employment opportunity for those who will share their part of the world with the user.

The starting point is a normal smartphone held by an individual. Everything this person (The Avatar) sees and hears is sent over the network to the person at home (The Usar). Through a revolutionary Graphical User Interface, superimposed over the live video stream, the Usar can direct the Avatar, who acts as the Usar’s remote body. Ubiatar – The Power Of Ubiquity

UbiatarPlay is the peer-to-peer marketplace of the Ubiatar service. This is where Usars and Avatars will link up, negotiate, and pay for services.

Just as you might rate a seller on eBay, or a driver on Uber, Avatars and Usars will rank the service they receive.

UbiatarPlay gives Usars the power to be instantly anywhere, because, as CTO Fulvio Dominici says; “We believe that exploration is freedom”. For Avatars, there is the opportunity to earn money in an easy, safe, and rewarding way.

The UbiatarPlay marketplace will support Avatars to brand their services, group together, create logos, pictures, and graphics that will define their projects. In branding their products, they will take full promotional responsibility and help maximize the success of their product through a service called the Human App.

The Token

Ubiatar is the token for transactions on the UbiatarPlay platform. This cryptocurrency makes the service accessible to everyone. Decentralized, secure, and affordable; Ubiatar services will bring the world to your doorstep, no matter where you are.

The Ubiatar wallet will be open-sourced so it will be available to anyone to check how it works. You will be able to move your Ubiatar tokens to and from other wallets and spend tokens wherever Visa is accepted.


The ICO is the opportunity to buy Ubiatar tokens at this early stage of the project. These tokens will grow in value as a policy of Cash and Burn will limit the number of tokens available. As Ubiatar tokens will always be needed to use the service, the limiting of their availability will inevitably lead to a growth in value of the remaining coins. This represents an excellent investment opportunity.

34% of tokens will be distributed during the ICO. More than half of all tokens will be blocked and unlocked in phases over the next few years. These tokens are needed to pay Avatars during the UbiatarPlay Live Broadcast Worldwide phase, for research and development and for marketing and promotion.

The ICO will run through Eidoo and 15 million Ubiatar tokens will be up for sale at a projected price of $2 each.

Ubiatar’s goals are ambitious. Their manifesto speaks of wanting to help create a world where people have the power to be instantly anywhere. The service has the power to create work opportunities for anybody, anywhere. An exciting aspect of this service is the idea that it can help people overcome their physical limitations and explore the world. You can read Ubiatar’s manifesto

You can find out more about Ubiatar on the following platforms:

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