Toniq And Brighty Pioneer In Blockchain And Fintech Innovations


Today, the blockchain and fintech worlds are witnessing significant advancements with Toniq’s launch of a unique Ordinals-specific NFT marketplace and Brighty’s introduction of a European B2B platform.

Toniq: Pioneering Bitcoin Layer 2 NFT Marketplace Toniq, renowned for creating advanced decentralized web tools, has made headlines with its innovative Ordinals-specific NFT marketplace on Bitcoin Layer 2. Termed Bioniq, this platform is acclaimed as the swiftest Bitcoin-based NFT marketplace. Its mission is two-fold: offering a straightforward way to trade Bitcoin NFTs and addressing the rising congestion on the Bitcoin network. Notably, Bitcoin transaction fees have recently surpassed Ethereum’s, underscoring the need for solutions like Bioniq. Supported by Polychain Capital, Bioniq aims to revolutionize the Bitcoin NFT landscape with seamless buying, selling, and auctioning capabilities. The platform boasts a sophisticated built-in wallet and leverages Web3Auth for secure, non-custodial Gmail-based login. Looking ahead, Bioniq plans to expand its offerings with features like ‘Launchpad’ for exclusive Ordinals, ‘Earn’ for using Ordinals as collateral, ‘Super offers’ for inscriptions on Bitcoin, and ‘Collection offers’ for entire Ordinal collections.

Brighty Business: Revolutionizing European B2B Financial Operations In the banking sector, Swiss neobank Brighty App has unveiled its European B2B platform, Brighty Business. Catering to the digital banking and crypto payment needs, this platform streamlines business financial operations and adapts to the evolving market demands. Its main features include employee-accessible company debit cards, transactional risk assessments, cost-effective exchanges, and a comprehensive referral program. Already successful in pilot testing, Brighty Business also offers an API system for integration into client platforms. Customer feedback will further shape the platform through upcoming UX interviews.

Investment Highlights in the Crypto Space The crypto investment landscape is also bustling with activity. Mummolin Inc., inheriting the legacy of the Eligius Bitcoin mining pool, secured a significant $6.2 million in seed funding. With support from Jack Dorsey and other notable partners, Mummolin is set to launch OCEAN, a project aimed at decentralizing Bitcoin mining. Luke Dashjr, a Bitcoin Core developer and co-founder of Mummolin, emphasizes the need for mining pools to evolve for Bitcoin’s decentralization. OCEAN is set to be a transparent and non-custodial pool, revolutionizing the mining process.

Coinchange, a crypto earning platform, has raised $10 million to expand its DeFi yield farming strategies. With a focus on leveraging decentralized finance markets, Coinchange aims to redefine financial landscapes. Its Earn API allows businesses to offer stablecoin yield earning opportunities, highlighting a shift towards blockchain-managed assets without centralized intermediaries.

Blockchain Meets Culinary Arts In a unique cross-industry collaboration, culinary hub Taste of Home teams up with Theta Network to launch a Web3 holiday cookbook. This partnership between Theta Labs and TMB brings blockchain technology into the culinary world, offering an engaging and innovative online experience for millions of culinary enthusiasts.

In conclusion, these developments in blockchain and fintech are not just technological feats but are reshaping the way we interact with financial and digital realms. The blend of traditional sectors with cutting-edge blockchain technology paves the way for a future where innovation and practicality go hand in hand.