The Sandbox Winter Blast Brings Season’s Greetings With Big Rewards


The Sandbox, a prominent player in the virtual gaming world, is rolling out the red carpet this winter with its exhilarating Season’s Greetings event. Set against a backdrop of a winter wonderland, this event promises to be a highlight for gamers globally, offering a stunning reward pool of 600,000 SAND tokens.

From December 11th to January 22nd, players are invited to dive into a festive universe comprising 60 unique experiences. What makes this event a standout is not just its diverse array of virtual activities but also the inclusion of famous IPs like The Walking Dead, Warner Music, The Little Prince, and more. The event comes alive with snowy landscapes and holiday-themed decorations, encapsulating the essence of the season.

Key to this event is its generous reward structure. A whopping 100,000 SAND is up for grabs for every participating player. Additionally, avatar owners can claim a share of 200,000 SAND, while LAND owners, integral players in The Sandbox’s virtual real estate scene, can tap into a substantial 300,000 SAND pool.

To participate, gamers must download The Sandbox on PC, create an account, and complete a KYC verification process along with an anti-fraud check. Here’s a breakdown of the rewards and requirements:

  • Rewards:
    • 100K SAND Shared Pool (Open to all)
    • 200K SAND Shared Pool (Avatar Owners)
    • 300K SAND Shared Pool (LAND Owners)
  • Participation Requirements:
    • Complete 200 quests in the Season’s Greetings event
    • Have a KYC-verified account
    • Hold the necessary NFT (LAND, Avatar, or any other NFT) in your wallet at the event’s conclusion to be eligible for rewards.

In addition to the seasonal event, The Sandbox recently announced a significant update to its Game Client, now at version 0.9.7. This update introduces an array of features, including a new UI, gameplay enhancements like oxygen consumption and fall damage, and multiplayer elements such as rankings. This version also boasts improved performance, with faster loading times and enhanced camera functions.

Notably, The Sandbox hints at expanding its reach to mobile gaming, aiming to support lower-end devices and possibly launching outside traditional app stores in 2024. This move suggests an exciting expansion of The Sandbox’s gaming ecosystem, reaching a broader audience.

The Season’s Greetings event is more than just a seasonal celebration; it represents The Sandbox’s ongoing commitment to creating an engaging, rewarding experience for its community. This event is an exciting opportunity for both seasoned players and newcomers to explore the virtual world of The Sandbox, partake in festive activities, and potentially claim significant SAND rewards.

So, gear up for some winter fun and dive into the vibrant, snowy world of The Sandbox’s Season’s Greetings event. With a mix of engaging quests, familiar IPs, and the chance to earn valuable rewards, this is an event you won’t want to miss. Download The Sandbox now and join the festive gaming adventure!