Starbucks Korea’s Star Light NFT Program A Green Leap Forward


In a bold move that’s sure to excite both coffee lovers and eco-enthusiasts alike, Starbucks Korea has unveiled its latest venture – the “Star Light” NFT program. This innovative initiative is a unique blend of environmental consciousness and the fascinating world of non-fungible tokens, offering a new dimension to customer rewards.

At the core of the “Star Light” project is an eco-friendly mission: encouraging customers to bring their personal cups. This simple act of choosing reusable over disposable is now more rewarding than ever. For every purchase made with a personal cup, customers earn Eco Stamps, the gateway to exclusive digital collectibles.

What makes “Star Light” intriguing is its tiered NFT system. It starts with the Basic NFT, accessible for five Eco Stamps. Then there’s the Creative NFT, a limited edition gem for those who collect fifteen Eco Stamps. But the pinnacle of this digital treasure hunt is the Artist NFT, limited to 1,000 copies and available for twenty Eco Stamps. These tokens aren’t just about collecting; they’re a symbol of your commitment to the planet.

A key feature of these NFTs is their non-tradable nature. They’re not commodities; they’re badges of honor for your environmental stewardship. Created in collaboration with Korea’s digital art platform “Print Bakery,” and featuring the works of local artists like DADAZ, these tokens are a blend of sustainability and art.

The launch of this program marks Starbucks Korea’s first foray into the world of NFTs. It’s a significant step, aligning the brand with sustainable practices and modern technology.

Starbucks isn’t new to the Web3 space, though. The brand has already explored NFT-based loyalty programs with “Odyssey,” offering unique coffee experiences and a nod to Starbucks’ history. In 2023, the brand launched NFT Stamps and “The PLS Collection,” celebrating the Pumpkin Spice Latte’s 20th anniversary. The Odyssey program even offered top members a trip to Costa Rica, blending the physical and digital realms of rewards.

In conclusion, the “Star Light” initiative by Starbucks Korea is more than just a new marketing strategy; it’s a reflection of the brand’s commitment to sustainability and its embrace of new technologies. By rewarding eco-conscious behaviors with digital tokens, Starbucks is paving a new path in the integration of environmental responsibility and technological innovation. As we enjoy our coffee from personal cups, we’re not just part of a trend; we’re part of a movement towards a greener, more sustainable future.