Sicily Takes The Step Towards Blockchain Optimization


One of the most beautiful landmarks Italy has to offer has announced its intention to optimize the supply chain processes through blockchain technology. Through a bill approved on September 25th, the Sicilian Regional Assembly (ARS), an autonomous entity and the legislative body of Sicily, has established the traceability of the food through a blockchain-based network.

The final version of the bill is yet to be published. The initiative was proposed about a year go by the 5 Star Movement (M5S) led by Jose Marano. According to the proposal, blockchain will be implemented to guarantee the data stored ensuring a security network capable of tracing agro-food in the DOC, DOP, ICG and IGP supply chain. Through this law, end-users will be able to track products from farm-to-table and eliminate any counterfeits. Furthermore, companies will also benefit from the platform by protecting the originality of their products. 

As explained by Jose Marano:

Objective achieved. From today Sicily will be able to trace the products of its land on a blockchain that guarantees transparency and incorruptibility of the data. This is a great opportunity for Sicily, for its companies, for workers and for the health of citizens.

Blockchain technology is being used in different fields to optimize supply chain processes. Through its untampered records and shielded security, more companies are embracing this tech and developing platforms capable of taking over their current supply chain processes to ensure real-time traceability of their products. 

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