Polytrade & Horizen EON Transform Asset Trading


In a groundbreaking move, Polytrade Finance and Horizen EON have embarked on a journey to revolutionize decentralized finance (DeFi). This collaboration is a fusion of Polytrade’s expertise in real-world assets (RWAs) and Horizen EON’s prowess in smart contract technology. Together, they are setting the stage to transform the trading, fractionalization, and exchange of a diverse range of real-world assets within the Horizen Ecosystem.

Polytrade stands out as the first global marketplace exclusively dedicated to tokenized real-world assets. It’s leveraging its innovative platform to meet the growing demand for RWAs. The Polytrade Marketplace is a beacon of empowerment for Asset Originators, enabling them to tokenize a wide array of assets. This includes trade finance, collectibles, real estate, and structured credit. This initiative is anticipated to unlock new streams of liquidity while reducing costs for participants significantly.

A key feature of the Polytrade Marketplace is its support for a variety of tokenized opportunities. Asset buyers will have access to an extensive range of investment options. This democratization of access is set to redefine the landscape of asset trading and investment, making it more inclusive and accessible to a global audience.

The collaboration between Polytrade and Horizen EON is a significant promise for the broader blockchain ecosystem. With native support for RWAs on the Horizen platform, Polytrade Marketplace will integrate seamlessly with Horizen EON. This offers users a streamlined experience for tokenized asset transactions. Additionally, Polytrade’s multichain support, extending to networks like Polygon, Solana, and BNB, provides additional liquidity sources for users engaging with RWAs.

Jordan Calinoff, Vice President of Strategy & Revenue at Horizen Labs, has expressed immense enthusiasm for the collaboration. He sees it as a significant step in bringing real-world assets onchain in an ever-evolving landscape. This partnership is a foundational step for RWAs in the Horizen ecosystem and beyond.

Polytrade’s RWA marketplace, utilizing the ERC-6960 standard, enhances the entire life cycle of assets. This includes discovery, investment, trade, fractionalization, and leverage. Users can utilize Polytrade as a unified gateway to a global array of tokenized opportunities, creating a more efficient and user-friendly experience for participants.

Horizen EON, as an EVM-compatible smart contracting platform, represents the first in a series of smart contract sidechains within the Horizen ecosystem. This platform allows developers to build and deploy decentralized applications (dApps) on Horizen with EVM compatibility. Focused on scalability and user experience, Horizen EON is built on Horizen’s powerful horizontally scaling protocol, Zendoo.

The collaboration between Polytrade Finance and Horizen EON marks a significant milestone in the evolution of decentralized finance. These two pioneering entities are combining their expertise to make the integration of real-world assets into the blockchain more accessible, efficient, and globally impactful. The Polytrade Marketplace on Horizen EON redefines the way we perceive and engage with tokenized assets, opening up new possibilities for investors and asset originators alike.

In summary, this partnership represents a bridge between the tangible and the digital, promising a future of accessible, efficient, and impactful asset trading. As we watch this space, we’re witnessing the reshaping of the financial landscape, one token at a time.