MetalCore And Mon Protocol Fuel Blockchain Gaming Revolution


Studio369, a game development powerhouse known for its blockchain-based open-world shooter MetalCore, is pushing the envelope by welcoming over a million new gamers through a strategic alliance with Mon Protocol and Pixelmon. This partnership marks a significant evolution in blockchain gaming, blending distinct virtual worlds and expanding the utility of $MON Tokens within these realms.

Matt Candler, CEO of Studio369, is enthusiastic about the collaboration, stating that it offers players a compelling new way to engage with multiple virtual landscapes, gaining valuable rewards in the process. Through special quests in MetalCore, players can now earn $MON Tokens, which serve as the default currency for purchasing and selling in-game assets and participating in governance decisions within the Mon Protocol’s universe.

Mon Protocol distinguishes itself as a community-centric platform that boosts engagement and rewards for blockchain projects. It aims to build strong intellectual properties by rewarding community loyalty and allowing players a stake in the IP’s success through fractionalized ownership. The ability for players to exchange Mission Points for $MON Tokens in the future will further integrate them into the digital trading and collectibles ecosystem.

Since launching in early February, the Mission Platform by Mon Protocol has attracted over 1.1 million users, with significant interest demonstrated by the 600,000 sign-ups for in-game wallets. The introduction of crossover missions is set to offer a novel method for players to earn $MON Tokens, enhancing their engagement through unique, themed quests within the MetalCore universe.

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MetalCore is pioneering a player-driven ecosystem with a rich in-game token utility. The game, which is currently in Closed Beta, allows players with a Beta Access Code to engage in the universe and earn Marks, which are claimable for $MCG tokens at the forthcoming Token Generation Event (TGE). Candler highlights the potential of web3 technologies, which enable players to transcend the boundaries of separate game universes, enriching the gaming experience through enhanced interoperability and shared economic systems.

Behind MetalCore’s innovative approach is Studio369’s expertise in Unreal Engine, utilized to create immersive PC and console games. The team’s profound industry experience spans significant projects, including Fortnite, The Walking Dead, and Star Trek, which infuses MetalCore with a rich pedigree of game design and development.

As a free-to-play platform, MetalCore immerses players in massive PvP and PvE battles, enriched with deep crafting mechanics and a vibrant player-driven economy. The game’s scanning system allows players to collect blueprints from fallen enemies, craft new items, and convert them into web3 assets, offering endless strategic depth and a dynamic economy.

This partnership between Studio369, Mon Protocol, and Pixelmon redefines the integration possibilities within blockchain gaming, fostering a more interconnected and economically robust gaming experience. It not only retains the interest of current players but also attracts new users seeking a more integrated and rewarding virtual environment.