Investment Companies Are Turning To Blockchain And Crypto Related Projects


Companies from Japan have become great allies when it comes to investing in the development of projects that are currently working with digital assets. Representatives from international companies travel constantly looking for new initiatives that could easily transform into amazing investment opportunities. One of the main sectors showing growth is online payments, especially when it comes to paying with cryptocurrencies or digital assets.

The SBI Group, a well-known investment firm from Japan, recently announced an investment made towards a company called Tangem, dedicated to the development of Smart Cards. The $15m deal will help Tangem to continue developing its blockchain platform linked to Smart Cards, while also allowing the company to relocate its headquarters to the Crypto Valley of Europe, aka “Zug, Switzerland”.

The platform Tangem is currently developing aims to provide users with smart cards that will work in a similar way to hardware wallets, each card carrying a fixed amount of cryptocurrencies enabling crypto adoption on a daily basis. The ultimate goal is to provide users with cards similar to e-cards that are filled with specific amounts of crypto. Additionally, Tangem is also working to enable the usage of those cards via smartphones or smart watches, similar to Apple Pay.

It is the main mission of Tangem to bring the application of blockchain technology to people’s everyday lives. Our technology can help many industries really benefit from blockchain tech and make the life of individuals safer and better through financial inclusion and access to decentralized payment solutions.

Andrey Kurennykh, Tangem’s CEO

The project is still in its developing phase, with Tangem team working on specific applications for the Smart Cards. In addition to this specific project, Tangem is also collaborating in the development of a system that process, stores and protects migration data which aims to provide help in developing countries with political and social conflicts.

It appears blockchain technology and digital assets are becoming more appealing to investors, attracting hundreds of millions in investments every year. Blockchain technology is constantly bringing new applications to live, while also providing companies with great products to improve their current systems.

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