Earn Bitcoin With Splitgate PC Gaming Meets Crypto Rewards


Are you a fan of fast-paced PC gaming and intrigued by the world of Bitcoin? If so, the latest update to the popular free-to-play shooter game, Splitgate, might be right up your alley. Combining the thrill of a Halo-inspired shooter with the innovative gameplay of Portal, Splitgate now offers a unique twist: the opportunity to earn Bitcoin while playing.

Splitgate has always been a standout in the gaming world, known for its engaging first-person shooter experience that seamlessly blends classic arena-style action with the creative twist of portal-based travel. This exciting gameplay has captivated players since its early access launch in 2019 and its subsequent popularity surge in 2021.

The game’s developer, 1047 Games, in collaboration with fintech startup ZBD, is setting a new precedent in gaming rewards. They have integrated a Bitcoin-earning feature into the PC version of Splitgate, leveraging the efficiency of the Lightning Network. This integration marks a significant step forward in the crossover between the gaming and cryptocurrency realms, offering players not just an immersive gaming experience but also the potential for real-world financial rewards.

The upcoming Splitgate Winter Invitational, scheduled for December, is the perfect showcase for this innovative feature. The tournament boasts a prize pool of 0.5 Bitcoin – roughly $19,000 at current valuations – and offers an electrifying platform for gamers to display their skills. The event, structured with multiple rounds culminating in a grand final, promises intense competition and the added excitement of Bitcoin rewards.

What makes this even more enticing for gaming enthusiasts is the accessibility of participation. Players interested in joining the fray can easily find details on the ZBD Discord server. To be eligible, you need to be at least 18 years old, have a ZBD account, and reside in either the United States or Brazil. The feature is designed to reward players for winning matches, and there’s even an option for players to contribute to the prize pool, increasing the stakes and excitement for everyone involved.

The initiative by 1047 Games and ZBD is not just about rewarding players but also about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the gaming world. Splitgate’s continued popularity, with over 18 million downloads across platforms, and 1047 Games’ impressive $1.5 billion valuation following a substantial funding round, reflect the game’s success and the studio’s innovative approach.

ZBD’s involvement in gaming and Bitcoin isn’t new. They’ve previously integrated their Lightning-based Bitcoin technology into other major PC games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Minecraft, albeit in more unofficial capacities. These integrations demonstrate ZBD’s commitment to exploring the convergence of gaming and cryptocurrency, even facing challenges like Microsoft and Mojang’s crackdown on the Satlantis server in Minecraft.

This isn’t Splitgate’s first foray into the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector. In 2019, 1047 Games partnered with the crypto video streaming platform Theta to offer NFTs and token rewards. The studio’s collaboration with Epik Prime in 2021 to release premium Splitgate NFT collectibles further illustrates its innovative approach to integrating gaming with the latest digital technologies.

As we approach the Splitgate Winter Invitational, the gaming and cryptocurrency communities are buzzing with anticipation. This event isn’t just a tournament; it’s a glimpse into a future where gaming and financial rewards are seamlessly intertwined. Whether you’re a seasoned Splitgate player or a newcomer intrigued by the prospect of earning Bitcoin, this event represents an exciting opportunity in the ever-evolving world of PC gaming.

Stay tuned, participate, and who knows, you might just earn some Bitcoin while enjoying one of the most dynamic games in recent years. The future of gaming is here, and it’s rewarding in more ways than one.