Cypherpunk Manifesto ‘23: A Tribute To The Cypherpunks’ Legacy

cpm23 honors cypherpunks
cpm23 honors cypherpunks

A unique artistic project is set to commemorate the 30th anniversary of “A Cypherpunk’s Manifesto” by Eric Hughes. The project celebrates the Cypherpunks, a group who advocated for privacy, free speech, and decentralized networks, and their lasting influence on technology.

The centerpiece is a series of 12 portraits by artist Oskar Stocker, depicting influential Cypherpunks. These physical artworks are complemented by digital creations from CYI”R & Otto Tasnadi, breathing life into the portraits with morphing videos that highlight the Cypherpunks’ fight for personal freedom and privacy in the digital age.

6 cypherpunks by OS 1
6 cypherpunks

The initial launch happened at the Plan B Forum in Lugano, Switzerland, in October 2023. This event featured discussions and tributes to key figures within the Cypherpunk movement, including Adam Back, Phil Zimmermann, and Julian Assange. The panel was  moderated by Jimmy Song, with additional insights from Paolo Ardoino of Tether and Bitfinex. As part of the tribute, each Cypherpunk received a personalized portrait.

“The Cypherpunks built tools protecting our privacy and personal freedom in a digital world. We honor them artistically with our artworks,” said Oskar Stocker. CYI”R, co-creator of the project, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the enduring importance of Cypherpunk ideals: “Without Privacy, there is no freedom of speech, no sound money, and no democracy.”

This artistic tribute aims to pay homage to the Cypherpunks’ legacy and ensure their contributions are remembered by future generations. For more information, visit If you are interested in purchasing any of the artworks or the NFTs, contact [email protected]