CryptoPunk #4156 Sold For Over 10 Million USD

Cryptopunk #4156 Sold For Over 10 Million Usd
Cryptopunk #4156 Sold For Over 10 Million Usd

A rare Ape-type CryptoPunk has been sold for 2,500 ETH, which amounts to almost 10.3 million USD at the time of sale.

The (second) most valuable CryptoPunk

This marks the highest on-chain sale of a CryptoPunk NFT so far, but did not quite set up a new overall record for the most expensive CryptoPunk. Earlier this year, CryptoPunk #7523 sold at a Sotheby’s auction for 11.8 million USD, as Reuters reported. 

What makes #4156 so rare and also valuable, is one of the properties of CryptoPunk NFTs. #4156 has the type “Ape”, as one of only 24 pieces. 

A look inside NFT marketing

In one of his videos, NFT YouTuber Hustle Millennial describes how to market an NFT collection. According to him, it is important to fit each of the unique pieces in the collection with certain traits that OpenSea calls Properties. Rare properties like the Ape type signal that specific NFTs of the collection are more valuable than others. 

For the CryptoPunks collection, it is remarkable that owners of the pieces often identify themselves with their NFTs. The 10 million USD CryptoPunk belonged to an OpenSea user ap(e)tly named 4156, who seems to be a professional NFT flipper. In October, that user also sold a comic NFT featuring Pepe the Frog for over 4 million USD. 

The CryptoPunk was bought by an unknown address, which later changed their OpenSea name to TheReal4156. It is quite possible that this user is also trying to venture into the NFT selling business now.