Cryptochicks Hackathon & Conference: April 6th, Toronto

Cryptochicks Hackathon & Conference: April 6th, Toronto
Cryptochicks Hackathon & Conference: April 6th, Toronto

Female hackers meet blockchain industry leaders in Toronto, April of this year, to compete in this epic Hackathon and connect with blockchain leaders sharing their work and experience.

When and where is it on?

April 6th 8th in Toronto, Canada.

How many years has it been going?

This is the inaugural event.

What was the inspiration to start it?

CryptoChicks is a non-profit organization with a mission to address the gender diversity problem in the blockchain space. According to different polls, the men to women ratio is 92/8 in blockchain on average. With this event we are educating female developers to create decentralized applications on blockchain. We are also connecting them to potential employers participating in the conference that will be running parallel with the hackathon.

What exciting things can people look forward to?

Women developers and business women will receive free blockchain education and connections to potential employers.

Conference participants can listen to and participate in the following talks:

  • Different blockchain technologies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, ZCash
  • Technology workshops on ERC20 tokens, non-fungible tokens, RightMesh development, HyperLedger development
  • How to get investment from venture capitalists
  • Cryptocurrency hedge funds
  • Crypto-economics
  • Artificial Intelligence in blockchain
  • Laws and regulations
  • ICO and investment strategies

On the third day of the conference, hackers will present their results to the judges and audience. This is usually the most exciting part of the hackathon. The winner will be awarded, and we hope that new blockchain businesses will be born after that day.

We also have both of Vitalik Buterin’s parents as a first-ever, talking as part of a panel about raising a new generation to make the world a better place.

Who will be speaking?

We are still working through the speaker applications, but here are the highlights:

Paige Bailey, Microsoft – AI on the blockchain

Amanda B Johnson, Dash

Rhea Mehta, Bowhead Health – Blockchain in Healthcare

Anne Connelly, Singularity University – Blockchain in Developing Countries

Caroline Jaquiss, Polychain Capital – Jamming on Crypto-economics Model

Niloo Ravaei, BlockGeeks – Crypto-economics: What makes blockchain special?

Corrine Sandler, CryptoCrunch – Disruption

Ryan Zurrer, Polychain Capital – Crypto Hedge Funds

Dmitry Buterin, Natalia Ameline – Raising a new generation to make the world a better place

Maryanna Saenko, DFJ – A Crypto Entrepreneur’s Guide to the Investment Galaxy

Maryanne Morrow, SurgeLXR – ICO and token-economics

Liza Horowitz, CryptoChicks – Banksters and Cryptopunks: a series of fortunate events

and more..

What tips would you give to people attending to get the most out of it?

Ask questions and network.

How can people book tickets?

We have a range of tickets including VIP, student and early bird available through

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked?

Our confirmed sponsors and partners are BlockGeeks, Polychain Capital, Royal Bank of Canada, Pixel Dreams, RightMesh, MaRS, ETHDenver, Microdoft, Opinion Economy Blockchain.

Opinion Economy Blockchain will be presenting the CryptoChick of the Year award at our conference and we are accepting nominations at [email protected]