Cosmos Eyes Cutting ATOM Inflation To 10% Quick Take


There’s a new talk in town, and it’s all about ATOM, Cosmos’s native token. In a world where crypto conversations revolve around rates and yields, Zaki Manian, the brain behind the decentralized asset management protocol Sommelier, has just introduced a fresh perspective. He’s suggesting a significant cut to ATOM’s maximum inflation. In more straightforward terms? Halving it from 20% to 10%.

Manian has a straightforward rationale: “From what I’ve observed, we’re compensating stakers a tad too generously. High inflation rates have persisted for months, even in a bear market. Yet, the staking rate? Hardly any movement there.”

But it’s not just about trimming the inflation figure. Manian believes a reduced staking rate could rev up interest in Cosmos Liquid Staking Module (LSM). He suggests, “A lowered staking rate might just be the push users need to explore platforms like Mars, Inter Protocol, Levana, and others. They offer tantalizingly higher yields.”

He’s clear, however, that this isn’t a complete overhaul but just a proposed parameter tweak. “It’ll certainly influence the community pool’s growth rate. Perhaps, we should mull over a separate proposal dedicated to upping the community pool’s intake.”

So, what’s all the buzz around Cosmos and ATOM?

Cosmos, in essence, is a blockchain ecosystem that promises interoperability. As for its native token, ATOM, its trajectory seems quite promising. Currently priced at $7.14, this 29th-ranked crypto asset in terms of market cap has seen a surge – it’s up by almost 6% in the recent 24-hour window.

And if you’re wondering about Manian’s credibility in the Cosmos universe – let’s just say, he’s been there, done that. Not only did he contribute majorly to the construction of the Cosmos ecosystem, but he was also at the forefront of launching Cosmos’s inaugural public testnet. As for Sommelier, his brainchild, it’s all about fostering seamless operability with diverse blockchains. At least, that’s the promise plastered on its official website.

To cut or not to cut? That’s the burning question. As the crypto community awaits a resolution, one thing’s for certain: the world of digital currency never ceases to surprise!