Conquer New Realms With Medieval Empires ‘Play With $MEE’ Expansion


Medieval Empires, the highly anticipated mid-core multiplayer online strategy sensation, recently announced a significant milestone on its development roadmap: the introduction of the “Play with $MEE” expansion. This latest game version revolutionizes player engagement by allowing the leasing of Land NFT spots and staking $MEE tokens, ushering in a new era of immersive gaming experiences. Following the triumphant reception of the Early Access 1 and 2 releases in 2023, where over 500 whitelisted players, including Land NFT owners, delved into the captivating world of Medieval Empires, the “Play with $MEE” release signifies a strategic step towards fostering a more extensive community within a meticulously curated setting.

Medieval Empires stands as a mid-core multiplayer online strategy game set in a blockchain-powered historical universe. Here, players delve into building, exploration, and conquest within a cutting-edge web3 experience. Renowned actor Engin Altan Düzyatan takes center stage as the face of the game, embodying the role of the Kayi Tribe leader, Ertuğrul Gazi. Developed on the Polygon blockchain, the game prioritizes low gas fees, security, and environmental sustainability across multiple platforms—PC (Windows), MAC (OSX), and Mobile (iOS and Android).

Envisioned within a passive PvE area, Medieval Empires commences with players constructing towns through trade, conflict, and alliances. Daily missions, general tasks, and storyline progressions pave the way for player advancement, with PvP mode and missions anticipated in later phases. The game’s future promises the infusion of new leaders, regions, and factions, all designed to heighten the immersive experience for players. At the heart of Medieval Empires lies $MEE, the game’s official utility token, essential for various in-game activities, including staking for rewards and leasing Land NFTs, enriching the overall gaming experience.

The “Play with $MEE” Release introduces two pivotal updates to Medieval Empires:

  1. Exclusive Opportunity for Aspiring Players: New players can kickstart their empire-building journey by staking $MEE tokens.
  2. Leasing Expansion for Land NFT Owners: Existing Land NFT owners gain the ability to lease slots to newcomers, augmenting the opportunity to invite friends and family to partake in the game.

According to Assad Dar, Chief Visionary Officer, and Co-founder of Medieval Empires: “Our journey thus far has been marked by significant milestones like the successful completion of Early Access 1 and 2. These experiences have set the stage for the forthcoming ‘Play with $MEE’ release. The invaluable feedback from alpha testers and actively engaged Land NFT owners has been instrumental in shaping the future landscape of Medieval Empires. We’re ecstatic to continue crafting an unparalleled blockchain gaming experience and eagerly anticipate welcoming more players into this medieval odyssey.”

As Medieval Empires unfurls its innovative “Play with $MEE” expansion, it heralds a new era of immersive gaming. With the introduction of leasing opportunities and token staking, the game paves the way for a broader community experience, inviting players to shape their medieval destinies. As the journey continues, the promise of evolving landscapes, fresh challenges, and rewarding experiences awaits within this captivating realm. Join the adventure, stake your claim, and forge your legacy in Medieval Empires’ ever-expanding universe.