Catch Two Of The Biggest Live Streaming And Metaverse Events Of The Year On Mar 25-26

Catch Two Of The Biggest Live Streaming And Metaverse Events Of The Year On Mar 25-26
Catch Two Of The Biggest Live Streaming And Metaverse Events Of The Year On Mar 25-26

DUBAI, UAE, 09 MARCH 2022 – Dubai-based blockchain company TNC IT Group has officially announced the go-live of two of the biggest live streaming and metaverse conferences of the year. Titled ‘World Live Streamers Conference’ and ‘World Metaverse Conference’, both events shall be simultaneously staged at the Dubai Festival Arena on March 25-26, 2022.

World Live Streamers Conference 2022

In detail, the World Live Streamers Conference will be attended by 30000+ participants and 500+ influencers and speakers. Tickets are required for entry, which are available from the event website.

The World Live Streamers Conference is a platform for talent and showcases expertise in the world of content. It offers an opportunity for online content creators to come together and explore the future of video content.

What’s more, newly-launched MeiTalk will introduce its Alpha version in WLSC. MeiTalk is a blockchain-based multi-streaming platform that integrates real-time interaction. It lets its viewers donate to their favorite streamers and earn rewards by watching advertisements.

One of the speakers, StreamCoin CEO Michael Ein Chaybeh, further added, “At this event content creators will get a chance to analyze their strategies and to develop exceptional content. Regardless of the genre, there is something for everyone out there.”

Within MeiTalk’s ecosystem lies an NFT Marketplace where streamers have full ownership of their videos, convert them into NFTs, and sell them in the marketplace. The multi-streaming platform also features AI-powered subtitling along with real-time translations.

World Metaverse Conference 2022

On the other hand, in the era of diversification comes the World Metaverse Conference. The event will provide a glimpse into the future of Metaverse, giving fertile answers to where to go about next.

The World Metaverse Conference 2022 includes conference sessions and will require tickets upon entry. Additionally, networking events will be available–hence participants have the chance to build a wider network.

“At the World Metaverse Conference, content streamers can connect and explore exhibitions, build their network, and be a part of sessions that would help them grow. The event has been designed to be interactive, resourceful, and offers virtual conferencing as well for its online and remote attendees,” explained TNC IT Group Co-Founder and Executive Director Jason H. Jang.

Not to mention, for the first time ever in Dubai, the two-day conference will hold the ‘Top 100 Influencer Award Nominations’ event on March 25. In this program,100 influencers and content creators will be recognized for their creativity and impact on the world.

On top of these two exciting conferences, TNC will also be hosting this year’s Miss Supertalent show as its major sponsor. With models of 34 different nationalities, the emerging winners shall be acknowledged as the official ambassadors of the company’s projects. This will be held on the evening of March 26.

Organized by TNC, the World Live Streamers Conference and the World Metaverse Conference are events one should not miss this 2022.

About World Live Streamers Conference

WLSC is the place to experience all of that online magic and wonder in real life. Creators, fans, brands — all of us together in one place!

In addition to the hotly anticipated in-person event, WLSC is offering a virtual conference, taking place online on 25-26 MAR 2022. Featuring exclusive interactive sessions, a plethora of in-valuable resources, a dedicated networking tool, and a virtual exhibition.

About World Metaverse Conference

With the development of 5G communication technology and VR·AR technology, ‘Metaverse’, having no space-time constraints, offers endless possibilities.

Get a chance to witness what the future of Metaverse has to offer at the World Metaverse Conference! The conference brings together top thought-leaders and pioneers in the global industry, and creates an ecosystem for all to learn, network, and collaborate with each other.