Animoca Brands’ $11.88M Boost For Mocaverse & Web3 Gaming


Animoca Brands, a trailblazer in the realms of digital property rights and the open metaverse, recently announced a significant funding boost for its ambitious Mocaverse project. An additional $11.88 million has been secured, raising the total investment to an impressive $31.88 million. This marks a pivotal moment for Mocaverse, which is at the forefront of shaping the future of web3 gaming, culture, and entertainment.

This second tranche of funding attracted attention from notable players in the industry, including Block1, OKX Ventures, Foresight Ventures, Polygon Ventures, and Dapper Labs, among others. The funding was raised through the issuance of new ordinary shares priced at A$4.50 each. Notably, each investment round included the provision of a free-attaching utility token warrant, aligning investor interest with the growth potential of Mocaverse.

Mocaverse is envisioned as the cornerstone for web3 culture and entertainment, serving as an empowerment layer for the sector. This ambitious project is creating a unique ecosystem where users can seamlessly onboard and engage, fostering growth for a wide array of web3 projects. Central to this vision is the introduction of the web3 Frequent Player Program, anchored by the Mocaverse loyalty points, known as “Realm Points.”

This initiative positions Mocaverse as a versatile and interoperable meta-experience layer, where users can establish their digital identity, build reputation, and actively engage within the ecosystem. The integration of Mocaverse into Animoca Brands’ extensive portfolio, encompassing over 400 companies, and a partner network of over 700 million users, offers an unmatched scale for user engagement and reward accrual.

Recently, Mocaverse announced the Moca ID, a digital passport designed to be the gateway to the myriad of benefits under its web3 Frequent Player Program. Moca ID holders are set to enjoy the privilege of earning Realm Points through active participation in the ecosystem. These points can be redeemed for exclusive real-life benefits and rewards, adding tangible value to user engagement within Mocaverse and Animoca Brands’ network.

Mocaverse’s ambition extends to creating a permissionless, interoperable loyalty system that progressively decentralizes to encourage third-party adoption and integration of Moca ID. This strategy aims to broaden accessibility and spur the growth of the wider web3 ecosystem.

In a recent development, Mocaverse has partnered with social RPG Pixels to integrate a Mocaverse metagame into Pixels’ universe. This collaboration introduces unique gameplay elements and exclusive rewards, enhancing the gaming experience for web3 enthusiasts. Pixels CEO Luke Barwikowski has expressed excitement over the integration, promising significant rewards for gamers engaged in this new venture.

Pixels has seen a surge in daily active users, surpassing 100,000, following its integration with Mocaverse. This collaboration introduces exclusive in-game pets accessible through the Moca Clubhouse, adding a fresh dimension to the gaming experience. Mocaverse is facilitating this integration by distributing invite codes specifically for Pixels users, allowing them to access unique avatars and experiences within the game.

Furthermore, the Moca community is thriving, with over 41,000 Moca IDs minted. In a collaborative venture, Animoca Brands, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Polygon Labs recently launched the MoonRealm Express Accelerator. This initiative aims to propel the development of innovative web3 products and solutions within the Mocaverse ecosystem. The accelerator focuses on key areas like decentralized identity, SocialFi, and GameFi, representing a significant step forward in web3 innovation.

Animoca Brands’ latest funding round and strategic partnerships mark a pivotal moment in the evolution of web3 gaming. With its focus on interoperability, user engagement, and a comprehensive ecosystem, Mocaverse is poised to redefine the landscape of digital entertainment and gaming. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the world of Mocaverse!