Chainges, The First Community Planned Blockchain Cryptocurrency Conference, Amsterdam, May 4th And 5th

Chainges, The First Community Planned Blockchain Cryptocurrency Conference, Amsterdam, May 4th And 5th
Chainges, The First Community Planned Blockchain Cryptocurrency Conference, Amsterdam, May 4th And 5th

Chainges are coming – first blockchain&cryptocurrency conference shaped by the community!

2 days, 3 scenes, over 60 speakers and 2500 attendees from all around the world. On 4-5 of May 2018 everybody meet in the Kromhouthal, Amsterdam for one reason. This event won’t happen without community. And it won’t be another boring conference – it will be something unforgettable – brand new quality of events focusing on the blockchain technology.

What makes Chainges valuable?

The idea of this world-class industry conference is that the community has shaped this event. That concept was born after visiting a lot of meetups and conferences. “I have decided to meet with local communities and get to know people who are developing this technology. After visiting a lot of meetups, I saw a big disparity between fin-tech conferences and the blockchain ones.” said Matthias, CEO of Chainges. Chainges started by asking about goals, needs and what community really cares about. “There is no them or we existing as separate. It is all about us. This is the reason the survey website has been created, to ensure that all of us find what we are looking for.”  said Matthias. The survey helped with determining what the community desires to learn and want to be a part of.

What are the needs of the community?

The answer to the survey exceeded all expectations – over 3,000 responses from people around the world. We’ve moved a few threads, here are some interesting facts:

  • Blockchain community is growing really fast – over 35% of respondents are involved in cryptocurrencies less than 6 months!
  • In our survey, we asked the community about how they are using blockchain technology. It seems like a lot of people are building a new solution or implementing blockchain to currently existing solutions. Chainges is an excellent opportunity to get inspired and start working on it!
  • over 70% of people want to focus on both use cases and theory during blockchain conference.
  • 45,7% of our responders would like to use cryptocurrencies in daily purchases.

You can find more about our survey on our medium.

What to expect?

Chainges brings the international blockchain industry under one roof at the Kromhouthal – a popular, industrial venue in Amsterdam location giving us the ability to create unique and creative experiences for attendees and sponsors alike. It won’t be another event in the hotel hall – it is inspired by the best tech conferences in the world.

The event is designed for those looking to be inspired by the very latest in blockchain technology and crypto-economy. You can meet our experts, such as Enrique Melero or Patrick Lowry, who will hand over their wisdom via solo sessions, panels, head-to-head debates and more. All would be led by great MC’s like Simon Cocking and Nick Ayton, who provide attendees unforgettable experience. You can also expect a big focus on networking with meeting pods, a street-food zone, workshops, speeches based on use cases and live stages transforming the venue.

About Chainges

Chainges is the first world-class blockchain&cryptocurrency conference shaped by the community, based in Amsterdam, May 4-5. The conference is for anyone with a vested interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The event caters for a range of demographics that are looking to hone their skills, meet new connections, source new technology, gain inspiration and celebrate this ever-emerging corner of distributed ledger technology as it takes flight.

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