Akon Plans To Launch Private Crypto ‘Akoin’


Popular American rapper and entrepreneur, Akon, recently announced his plans to launch a new cryptocurrency called Akoin and to create an entire Crypto City in Senegal, with hopes to improve living conditions in Africa.

Akon’s new large project

He spoke about his new plans in Cannes, France, during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, during which he stated that he believes blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies hold great potential for helping African citizens. According to him, helping cryptos find a foothold in Africa means introducing a more secure currency, which would help people advance themselves and attain independence from the government.

His plans include the launch of a new cryptocurrency called Akoin, which will be the primary currency in the even bigger project that he has in mind – the creation of Akon Crypto City.

The Crypto City will be located in Senegal and will include 2,000 acres that Akon already received from Senegal’s president. It will mark the creation of the first-ever city to use cryptos for all transactions. The city will be built only five miles from the new international airport that Senegal.

It will use a smart city design and cryptos will be used for all exchanges and transactions on a daily basis. Akon did not answer any technical questions regarding the blockchain tech, saying that he leaves such matters to ‘the geeks’, while he himself comes up with the creative concepts.

Akon for president?

Akon’s plans do not stop there as he already plans to run for the US president. According to him, he is ready and willing to run against both Donald Trump and Kanye West, who also decided to try and reach the White House.

Additionally, Akon stated that he would like to invite the current US President, Donald Trump, to an MMA contest, or a boxing match.

Some of Akon’s previous achievements include the establishment of Akon Lighting Africa, which he co-founded with Thione Niang and Samba Bathily, back in 2014. The goal of the project was the development of a new solution for African villages, which would be powered by solar energy alone. As a result of their efforts, Akon and his partners installed a clean source of electricity in up to 14 countries in Africa.

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