Converting NFTs To Physical Gold Eggs A Guide To The Process


In the exciting world of Web3 gaming, a new update has taken the industry by storm. Golden Egg Wonderland, a popular game in this space, has introduced a beta version that includes a range of new features, in-game characters, and most notably, a way to exchange Golden Egg NFTs for real, physical gold eggs. This groundbreaking development takes play-to-earn gaming to a whole new level, allowing players to collect in-game tokens and NFTs that hold real-life value. With this latest update, Golden Egg Wonderland aims to revolutionize the Web3 gaming landscape and provide players with a unique and rewarding gaming experience.

Game Update and New Features

What’s new in the game?

The beta version of the game, Golden Egg Wonderland, has received a major update with exciting new features. The update includes bug fixes, game balance adjustments, and a comprehensive tutorial to help new users become familiar with the game.

New features in the beta version

The beta version of Golden Egg Wonderland introduces several new features to enhance the gameplay experience. One of the highlights is the addition of over 10 new in-game characters, including normal, rare, and super-rare scarcities. These characters have been lovingly designed by the talented artist, Kamerian, and bring a fresh dynamic to the game.

Introduction of Turtoris characters

Golden Egg Wonderland introduces a new set of in-game characters called Turtoris. These birds are named after the game artist, Turtlen, who hails from a rural village and plays a crucial role in the game’s story. Turtoris is just the beginning, as future collaborations with famous athletes and artists may result in additional unique character designs.

Safeguarding birds with the bird box

In the beta version, players now have the option to safeguard their birds by placing them in the bird box. This feature prevents accidental minting and unintended gifting of birds. The bird box also sets the stage for future gameplay enhancements, such as breeding activities with friends, which will be added in Phase 2 of the game’s release. Initially, users will have access to four bird boxes, but additional boxes can be purchased with in-game diamonds, which can be acquired with FRTS Coins.

Improved MINT function

The MINT function in Golden Egg Wonderland has been improved in the beta version. This function allows users to obtain NFT eggs and Turtoris in “My Collection” and exhibit them in the NFT marketplace. The improvements include the incorporation of a dialogue box and explanatory text for a better user experience. These enhancements make it easier for players to navigate and participate in the NFT economy of the game.

Audio and language settings

To cater to a wider audience, Golden Egg Wonderland now offers audio and language settings. In addition to English, the game supports Japanese, with more languages to be added in the future. Players can customize their audio and language preferences to enhance their gaming experience.

FRUITS unveils Golden Egg Wonderland: A Web3 game with real gold rewards

Understanding Play-for-Gold (P4G)

Evolution of P2E gaming

Play-for-Gold (P4G) is the next evolution of play-to-earn (P2E) gaming. P2E gaming allows players to collect in-game tokens and NFTs that hold real-life value. Over time, P2E gaming has seen various iterations, and P4G takes this concept even further by introducing real-world gold rewards to gaming.

Partnership with Tanzanian gold CIP plants and refineries

Golden Egg Wonderland has partnered with Tanzanian gold CIP plants and refineries to enable the exchange of Golden Egg NFTs for physical golden eggs. This partnership ensures that the value of the in-game gold is backed by physical gold assets in the real world.

Exchanging Golden Egg NFTs for physical gold eggs

Players can exchange their Golden Egg NFTs, which have unique serial numbers, for physical gold eggs with the same serial number. This exchange certifies the value of the gold collateral using NFTs and enables the digital trade of gold value without the need to physically possess gold.

Certifying the value of gold collateral using NFTs

The use of NFTs in the exchange process certifies the value of the gold collateral. Each Golden Egg NFT possesses a unique serial number, which allows linked physical golden eggs to be exchanged at Golden Egg NFT Exchanges in the real world.

Unique serial numbers for Golden Egg NFTs

To ensure the authenticity and uniqueness of the physical golden eggs, each Golden Egg NFT is assigned a unique serial number. This serial number serves as a link between the digital and physical assets, allowing for seamless exchanges and verifiability.

How to exchange NFTs for physical gold eggs

Obtaining Golden Egg NFTs

Hatching eggs

The primary method of obtaining Golden Egg NFTs in Golden Egg Wonderland is by hatching eggs. Players can collect eggs and nurture them until they hatch into valuable NFTs. This process adds an exciting element of surprise and discovery to the gameplay experience.

Buying from the NFT marketplace

For players who prefer a more direct approach, Golden Egg NFTs can also be purchased from the NFT marketplace within the game. This provides an opportunity for players to acquire specific NFTs they desire without relying solely on chance.

Exchanging NFTs for Physical Gold Eggs

Launching Golden Egg NFT Exchanges

Golden Egg Wonderland has plans to launch Golden Egg NFT Exchanges in the first quarter of 2024. These exchanges will serve as the bridge between the digital and physical worlds, allowing players to exchange their Golden Egg NFTs for physical gold eggs with the same serial number.

Scheduled release in 2024

The release of Golden Egg NFT Exchanges is scheduled to coincide with the launch of the game’s official mobile versions. This planned release in 2024 marks an important milestone for Golden Egg Wonderland and further solidifies the integration of the digital and physical realms.

Trade of gold value without physical gold

Through the exchange of Golden Egg NFTs for physical gold eggs, players can participate in the trade of gold value without the need to physically possess gold. This opens up new possibilities for gamers and collectors alike, allowing them to leverage the value of their in-game assets in the real world.

How to exchange NFTs for physical gold eggs

Future Releases and Features

Official mobile versions

In addition to the exciting developments in the beta version, Golden Egg Wonderland has plans to release official mobile versions of the game. This expansion to mobile platforms will make the game more accessible to a wider audience and provide a seamless gaming experience on-the-go.

Detailed roadmap on the Golden Egg Wonderland website

For those interested in learning more about the future releases and features of Golden Egg Wonderland, a detailed roadmap is available on the game’s official website. This roadmap outlines the planned updates and enhancements, giving players and enthusiasts a glimpse into the game’s exciting future.

Learn more about FRUITS

For more information about the FRUITS Eco-Blockchain Project and its innovative approach to gaming and NFTs, interested individuals can visit the Golden Egg Wonderland website. The website offers in-depth information about the project’s goals, vision, and upcoming releases.

How to exchange NFTs for physical gold eggs


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Blockchain Games and Web3

Blockchain games, such as Golden Egg Wonderland, are part of the growing trend towards Web3 gaming. Web3 gaming leverages blockchain technology to create decentralized and immersive gaming experiences. These games often incorporate NFTs, smart contracts, and other blockchain-based features to offer players unique ownership and economic opportunities within the virtual worlds they inhabit.

NFTs and Gaming

Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have revolutionized the gaming industry by introducing true ownership and value to in-game assets. In games like Golden Egg Wonderland, players can collect, trade, and even exchange NFTs for physical assets, such as gold eggs. NFTs add a new layer of immersion and excitement to gaming, as players have the opportunity to own and monetize their digital possessions.

Blockchain Technology in Gaming

The integration of blockchain technology in gaming, as demonstrated by Golden Egg Wonderland, brings numerous benefits to both players and developers. Blockchain offers transparency, security, and verifiability, ensuring that in-game assets and transactions are trustworthy and tamper-proof. Additionally, blockchain enables the creation of unique digital assets, like NFTs, that can be easily traded and monetized both within and outside of the gaming ecosystem. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry and create new possibilities for players and developers alike.

Overall, the beta update of Golden Egg Wonderland brings exciting new features and gameplay enhancements, while the introduction of play-for-gold (P4G) takes gaming to a whole new level by connecting the digital and physical realms. With the upcoming release of Golden Egg NFT Exchanges and the official mobile versions, the future looks bright for Golden Egg Wonderland and the innovative use of blockchain technology in the gaming industry. Players and enthusiasts can look forward to a thrilling and rewarding gaming experience in the world of Golden Egg Wonderland. So, get ready to hatch eggs, collect NFTs, and exchange them for physical gold eggs in this groundbreaking Web3 game.