Two Common Misconceptions In The Crypto-Community To Consider


Misconception #1 – Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Are Mostly For Criminals.

Truth: Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are easier in a person-to-person transfer, and this makes it an attractive option for crooked individuals. Hiding behind the cloak of encrypted data, it can be nearly impossible to draw forensic conclusions from just a few transactions, but data in a blockchain is immutable. If and when a criminal leaves a clue that leads authorities in the right direction, if successful, the deviant runaway will have no way to deny the events that took place.  

Crypto doesn’t create criminals, but they gravitate to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because of the fast transfer, the limited privacy intrusion and the ease with which they can move funds across borders.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are major improvements to the way the world transacts. This is a positive thing for Moms and Dads, Aunts and Uncles, young people and elderly – we all benefit from fast, unbanked transactions across the globe.

There are quirks in the system, and this is expected since it is all still very new. As the blockchain boundaries grow, so will our consensus on etiquette and rules of the game. We are here to help sift and sort the facts and details, for you.

Misconception #2 – Paid Content Equals Shilling or Fake News. 

Truth: Paid Content Does Not Equal Shilling

When you purchase a home, an appraisal is required. An appraiser gets compensated for the time they spend evaluating the property.  At the end of the appraiser’s report, they have to research the comps and calculate the values based on a specialized, expert opinion. The compensation has no influence on the outcome of the appraisal and ICO scoring systems and crypto projects should be exactly this way, with one major difference. A written or recorded review of a complex, blockchain product that is valid and justifiable should cost a lot more than a real estate appraisal. 

There are some shady operations that will advertise shamelessly for projects that were not researched, as long as they pay enough. This business practice sometimes leads to problems of mistrust between people and substantial loss.

Written content about any new project is a vitally important part of the big picture. An honest opinion by your savvy peers is not the same as a cheap ad, and should be compensated. This does not mean you won’t get a bad review if you deserve it. As a paid content piece you will at least get a valid review and more attention.

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