Ethereum This Week: ? ETH To The Moon, Moscow Votes For Ethereum, And More


$150m worth of Ether lost forever?

Earlier this year wallet provider Parity “lost” half a million Ether in their wallets as one user deleted a code library accidentally, which led to the Ether being effectively frozen.

At Tech Disrupt Berlin last week Parity’s Gavin Woods and Jutta Steiner defended their positions and stated they hoped within 6 months the money might be unfrozen with upgrades to the Ethereum coree.

Jutta Steiner was visibly uneasy in being questioned about the security bug actually being identified on GitHub many months before, saying it wasn’t flagged as a critical bug. Gavin Woods appeared unfazed, stating:

“ It’s something of a long term savings account for us, but it’s unfortunate and does demonstrate some of the difficulties in offering software on the platform given the tools we have”.

Moscow votes for Ethereum?

After having announced in February of this year that Moscow city’s administration wished to launch a Ethereum based blockchain to allow its citizens to show their opinions on certain civic matters, the mayor’s office has announced the Active Citizen’s program has gone live.

The official site for the mayor issued a statement saying the new blockchain project would usher in openness and transparency in listening to city’s residents stating “it will be difficult to say that the administration incorrectly interprets the answers, changes the results of the voting when the citizens themselves can verify this information.”

The code has been posted to GitHub. The scheme has no plans as yet to go beyond the pilot stage and there has been no talk of actually trying to implement blockchain auditable voting for the election of officials in Russia.

CryptoKitties delay ICO

Following last week’s news of the first viral blockchain game CrypoKitties actually slowing down the whole Ethereum network due to high traffic caused by its success, startup Sophia TX postponed their ICO for 48 hours citing concerns over network delays.

At the start of this week, the game is still the number one contract in traffic, with its secondary contract, CryptoKitties Auction, now being the third most used contract.

Ethereum on the way to new All Time Highs

In a month when a CryptoKittie traded for $117,000 , and Bitcoin made world news with its peaks and volcanic swings, Ethereum held a steady price starting the week in the $460-$480 range, dipping for a few days $20 lower and then rallying on Saturday to just below the $500 mark. Today it is trading at a new All Time High of over $600.

There is a lot of talk in the market that Ethereum still has strength left in the last part of this year to go to new All Time Highs – to the moon.

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