Tag: Xi Jinping

China’s Central Bank Backs The Country’s Blockchain Hype

China's increasingly bullish stance on blockchain technology is evolving at a substantial rate. The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) has added to the national...

Will China’s Latest Move Spell The End For Cryptocurrencies?

China continues to struggle with stopping its citizens from engaging in crypto activities. The latest move against new technologies has seen Alibaba, Baidu, and...

China Looks To Blockchain For Auditing Their Big Data

Although cryptocurrencies are not well-liked in China, blockchain technologies, on the other hand, maybe very well supported. In spite of prohibiting the access to cryptos in...

New PBOC Governor Calls Bitcoin “Inspiring”: What’s Next For China?

This week the cryptocurrency market has seen positive numbers and green lights due to positive news regarding cryptocurrency regulations such as the G20 position...
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