Tag: VR

How Blockchain Will Revolutionize The Gaming Industry

By Davor Gasparevic The blending of blockchain technologies and the gaming industry comes as no surprise to anyone who’s been watching closely, as these two...

MARK.SPACE ICO Review: A New 3D/VR Platform Powered By Blockchain Technology

Once upon a time, people drew lines on canvases, creating complicated, quasi three-dimensional designs. These were beautiful, yet static conjurings of visionary minds. Some define...

Spectiv ICO Review: Streaming Community-driven VR Content Across The Blockchain

Virtual Reality (VR) is a cool new technology, hot on the heels of the Districts VR city we reviewed in the very recent past comes...

DenCity ICO

DenCity, a virtual reality immersive experience, is currently undertaking an initial coin offering (ICO) presale on the BitcoinGrowthFund platform. The DNX token is being sold...
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