Tag: US Federal Reserve

U.S. Federal Reserve VP: “First State-Backed Crypto Within 5 Years”

During Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Summit held in Boston a few days ago, the Federal Reserve vice president of treasury and financial services, Jim...

Did Nobel Laureate Friedrich Hayek Predict Bitcoin 40 Years Ago?

Ever since money-making has been in private hands, even after the creation of US federal reserve system in 1913, an illusion was planted in...

Fedcoin: One Crypto Currency To Rule Them All.

Fedcoin is a cryptocurrency project that is carried out by the Federal Reserve System of the United States of America which could replace the...

Trump Admin Eyes Bitcoin As US Federal Reserve Issues Warning

The White House confirmed that it has been closely monitoring cryptocurrencies, with the Trump administration well aware of Bitcoin, on the same week the...
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