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What “Gamestonk!!” Can Tell Us About The Upcoming Crypto Year

GameStop shares are up more than 180% daily. Hedge funds incur tremendous losses after shorting the stock. With institutional investors' growing interest in...

Abra Announces New Service That Allows Purchase Of Stocks With Bitcoins

Abra wallet service provider and cryptocurrency exchange announced the launching of a new product that would allow for investments in the stock market, commodities,...

NASDAQ Announces Bitcoin Futures For 2019

According to Bloomberg, NASDAQ is working on the implementation of Bitcoin Futures to be launched no later than next year. NASDAQ had previously announced...

Goldman Sachs Embrace Bitcoin

Goldman Sachs, one of the biggest multinational investment companies, will begin trading operations of Bitcoin on Wall Street. This is an innovative step for...

NASDAQ Shows Interest In Becoming A Cryptocurrency Exchange

The CEO of Nasdaq, Adena Friedman, commented on the Stock Market website being considered as a trading platform for cryptocurrencies. Friedman is open to...
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