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Top 7 Crypto Exchanges Control 13% Of Bitcoin Supply – Report

A new report reveals that there are roughly 23 million holders of bitcoin worldwide Bitcoin adoption continues to grow, however, the increase in...

Coinbase Eyes Direct Payment Systems For Bitcoin (BTC)

As more innovations in crypto mining take place, so more features come into play to allow players to enjoy streamlined trade. Coinbase, on the other hand,...

Archos Safe-T Mini – Keeping Crypto Out Of Reach Of Danger

Alone, at home, but not out of reach of prying eyes We always ensure that nobody is looking over our shoulders when we take money...

Tezos Launches Its BetaNet After Numerous Issues And Delays

After almost an entire year of various issues, Tezos is finally ready to launch its BetaNet and has announced when the MainNet will go...
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