Tag: price manipulation

“Infamous” Vires Finance Governance Vote Failed

A controversial governance vote to reduce the maximum borrow rate on Vires Finance has been struck down, but a new one is already in...

Neutrino USD Loses Peg Amidst WAVES Crash

The stablecoin Neutrino USD has fallen below 0.80 USD after a pseudonymous on-chain investigator accused the Waves team of market manipulation. https://twitter.com/0xHamz/status/1509581295621451779 USDN de-pegged despite healthy...

Upbit Under Fire For Alleged Data Manipulation

According to The Korean Times, the District Attorney’s (DA) Office of the Southern District of Seoul processed 3 high-rank employees from the largest cryptocurrency...

Skycoin Comes Crashing Back Down To Earth

A potentially explosive audio recording of Skycoin CEO, Synth was released on Twitter yesterday, leading to calls for an investigation into the platform by...
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