Tag: Ontology

Blockchain-Based Games See Massive 118% Growth In 2019 – Report

Despite a mixed year for crypto in 2019, cumulative users across all blockchain games grew a massive 118%. My Crypto Heroes is the...

Why Is The Ethereum Price Falling Behind Bitcoin?

Ethereum’s rate of growth has slowed considerably compared to Bitcoin’s in recent months, to the point where Ethereum would now require a 40% swing...

Crypto Coin Price Roundup: The Biggest Losers In July

In the month of July we saw two-month highs for both daily volume and total market capitalization. Bitcoin - the tide that floats all...

Learning More About NEO, The Chinese Ethereum, Malcolm Lerider Explains

NEO offers the possibility of both Public and Private blockchains in the same ecosystem Zalando, located in the heart of Dublin’s Silicon docks, was the...
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