Tag: Masternodes

The Ultimate Mining Service: How MiningFriendly Works

One could define the MiningFriendly project as crypto mining for the masses. Dr. Jürg Richards explains that  MiningFriendlyis a way to give mining accessible to...

Interview With Jürg Richards From MiningFriendly

According to Dr. Jürg Richards, an experienced financier, trader and CEO of a Norwegian-Swiss cloud mining company MiningFriendly, the crypto sphere is not the...

DAGs And Blockchains – A Head To Head Comparison

by Aubrey Hansen “Infinitely scalable”, “Zero transaction costs”, “Effective sharding”. Reading through the PR material provided by projects developing DAG technology, it might appear as...

Passive Earning Opportunities In Crypto

What every investor wants is an investment yielding income from multiple sources with minor involvement, or a one-time initial involvement. The makeup of the...

The Abyss: A Next-generation Platform For Digital Distribution

Video games are more prevalent than ever before in the industry, to the point where consoles, computers, tablets, mobile phones, or even smartwatches can...
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