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Walmart To Track Shrimp Exports From India With Blockchain Technology

The giant U.S. retail company Walmart has announced that is currently piloting a blockchain-based platform to trace shrimp exports from India. Walmart sources most...

IBM Open To Working With Facebook On Digital Currency

According to CNBC, IBM has expressed its willingness to help Facebook in the development of its digital currency. Jason Kelley, IBM’s General Manager of...

IBM Launches Blockchain Services For Companies

X-Force Red, the cybersecurity division for IBM, announced the launching of a new service named “X-Force Red Blockchain Testing”, which aims to provide companies...

IBM Starts Developing A Blockchain Platform For The Mining Industry

IBM announced through its website the collaboration with Minehub Technologies Inc, to develop a Blockchain platform which aims to carry out transactions, logistics and...

IBM & Seagate Join Forces To Implement Blockchain Technology

For a while now, IBM has shown interest in investing and developing in Blockchain technology. One of IBM’s strongest allies, Seagate, has announced its...
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