Tag: hackers

Seele ICO Emergency Response After $1.8 Million Scam

The Seele ICO project has confirmed that they are setting up an urgent plan to address the $1.8 million that investors have lost thanks...

Hackers Target YouTube Ads To Implement Mining Malware

Hackers are targeting YouTube ads to install mining malware which hijacks an unsuspecting user’s CPUs in order to mine cryptocurrency. While crypto jacking is a...

North Korea Accused Of $80m Hacks Of South Korean Crypto Exchange

South Korea's spy agency has accused neighbor North Korea of being responsible for hacking activities against local crypto currency exchange Bithumb, resulting in the...

50 Great Crypto Experts To Follow On Twitter

In an area as innovative as the blockchain and the cryptocurrencies no one can be considered an absolute expert yet. However, within the community,...
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