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Lightning Network Sees “Explosive Growth” Since The Start Of 2021

Glassnode’s on-chain report investigated the Lightning Network this week. Adoption metrics show parabolic growth since the beginning of the year. https://twitter.com/Negentropic_/status/1442474110517272585 Lightning Network capacity increases by...

Glassnode Report: Bullrun On The Verge?

As the Bitcoin price consolidates, on-chain metrics suggest that investors and miners are accumulating BTC again. https://twitter.com/glassnode/status/1414615541637992452 2,000 BTC in Daily Exchange Outflow The crypto research firm...

Bitcoin Activity Surges In January With 22.3m Active Addresses

Recent data from Glassnode hints at a remarkable surge of BTC activity last month. The coin has seen over 22.3 million active addresses...

Top 7 Crypto Exchanges Control 13% Of Bitcoin Supply – Report

A new report reveals that there are roughly 23 million holders of bitcoin worldwide Bitcoin adoption continues to grow, however, the increase in...
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