Tag: GameStop

Robinhood To Start Testing On Crypto Wallet In October

The popular trading app Robinhood plans to introduce a digital wallet for crypto assets. A waitlist to test the new feature has now been...

Financial Services Committee Raises Serious Allegations Against Robinhood

Yesterday on February 18th, 2021, the US House Committee on Financial Services held the first in a series of online hearings that seek to...

DeFi Projects Touting For WSB Traders Amidst Robinhood Trading Bans

Retail brokerage apps have suspended trading on stocks pumped by r/WallStreetBets. Allegedly, hedge funds have conspired with the US government to initiate this...

What “Gamestonk!!” Can Tell Us About The Upcoming Crypto Year

GameStop shares are up more than 180% daily. Hedge funds incur tremendous losses after shorting the stock. With institutional investors' growing interest in...
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