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Facebook Looking To Acquire Swiss Payments License

Facebook has been under fire ever since the announcement of its stablecoin, aka Libra. Things have not been easy for the social media giant...

Facebook Refuses To Give Up On The Libra Project

During the Facebook’s second-quarter 2019 results conference call, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and Co-Founder of the social media giant, discussed its plans to work for...

Japan And The European Central Bank Express Concern Towards Facebook Stablecoin

Even though many governments and regulators have seen the potential behind blockchain technology and even the adoption of cryptocurrencies at some level, others are...

CFTC Begins Discussions With Facebook About Its Stablecoin

One of the biggest rumors that are currently circulating in the crypto sphere is the secret project Facebook is carrying out to launch its...

Facebook Is Developing Its Own Cryptocurrency

According to Bloomberg, it is rumored that Facebook is currently developing its own Stablecoin with the purpose of being implemented through Whatsapp. In its...
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