Ethereum Devs Reach Hardfork Decision: ETH Price Reacts Immediately

Ethereum core developers have finally come to a decision regarding the upcoming Constantinople hard fork, after months of heated debate. As covered here on CryptoCoin.News...

Ethereum Devs Debate Hardfork: ETH Price Hangs In The Balance

As Ethereum approaches its next upcoming hardfork in mid-October, the development team appear no closer to deciding on what the update will actually include. As...

TRON Vs Ethereum: Justin Sun Makes Petro Pitch To Venezuelan Dictator

As the situation worsens in Venezuela and the de-valued Bolivar becomes linked to the Petro, TRON founder Justin Sun saw this as a perfect...

Ethereum Stress-Tests Year-Long Lows As Price Reverts To $256 Range

Ethereum is undergoing a stern test of its resolve at the moment after the coin price tumbled overnight on August 14th to a spot...
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