Tag: DeFi protocols

PolkaCover To Integrate Chainlink Oracles For DeFi Insurance On Polkadot

The decentralized insurance protocol PolkaCover has announced that they will be integrating with Chainlink's price feed oracles. https://twitter.com/chainlink/status/1387066221800136707 PolkaCover Joins DeFi Alliance Earlier this month, Chainlink has...

Wrapped Bitcoin’s (wBTC) Market Cap Reaches A New ATH

Wrapped Bitcoin is currently Ethereum's sixth-largest token, and its most popular version of Bitcoin. The project currently has 116,885 units, meaning that this...

Chinese Exchanges Lose Money As Users Withdraw Crypto For DeFi

The DeFi market is finally booming in China, but still a bit late compared to the rest of the world. Chinese searches for...
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