Tag: coding

Telegram Offers $400k In Prizes For Smart Contracts Coding Competition

Are you a skilled coder or a computer genius? Then you may like the sound of this. The massive messaging app Telegram is announcing...

Running 60KM Through The Ether For BeCode

On the 20th of May, Thomas Vanderstraeten will run 60KM around Brussels to raise funds for BeCode, a charity. The catch: funds will be...

Why Japanese Exchanges Need More Coders And Crypto-Experts

by Ben Gabriel Undoubtedly, Japan is among the best cryptocurrency savvy nations in the world. While its neighboring countries clamp down on crypto activities due to...

ICO Interviews: Winding Tree

Today on ICO Interviews, we talk with Pedro Anderson, COO of Winding Tree, a post-ICO project that plans on making the travel industry offer...
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