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HyperQuant – Hyper-leaping Over The Competition

HyperQuant is a professional platform for automated crypto trading, asset management and dApps creation based on cutting-edge AI, risk management, blockchain technologies and fast...

AI Bots Presented To Traders @ Gimmer Roadshow Dublin

Gimmer, the innovative automated cryptocurrency trading platform, arrived in Dublin last weekend. Marketing Director, Michel Comini, gave a presentation on the AI bot technology...

One Day Course: Trading Cryptocurrencies, Saturday 17th February, IIFT Dublin

The Institute of Investing and Financian Trading (IIFT), Dublin, has launched a new course featuring Morgan Pierce, crypto trading educator. The course will cover...

Trading Bots Dominated London Blockchain Week

Philipe Comini, CEO of Gimmer, gave a talk at the prestigious London Blockchain Week on January 22nd. He opened this talk by outlining the...
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