Tag: BitDAO

DAO Wants To Buy Lord Of The Rings Rights

Lord of the Rings DAO seeks to purchase the intellectual property rights to the beloved Tolkien franchise at an expected price of 2 billion...

Blockbuster DAO Wants To Revive Iconic Video Rental Brand

A new Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) has formed, which aims to purchase the once-iconic video rental brand Blockbuster. https://twitter.com/BlockbusterDAO/status/1474960382800248834 NFT sale to revive Blockbuster With the advent...

BitDAO Launches Education Initiative In Cooperation With 8 Top Universities

With EduDAO, BitDAO has kicked off an initiative that seeks to educate some of the world’s top students in DeFi and decentralized technologies. $33 million...

SushiSwap Faces Yet Another Leadership Crisis

Leadership debates on the SushiSwap have erupted again after CTO Joseph Delong asked for more autonomy and a pay raise for core devs. SushiSwap already...
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