Tag: Bank of France

Bank Of France Paper Debunks Modern Monetary Theory

The Bank of France has released a working paper, calling out Modern Monetary Theory as dogmatic and not grounded in economic reality. https://twitter.com/T_W_Kaiser/status/1443569855181905925 What is Modern...

OpenMinter Will Bring Video NFTs To The Tezos Blockchain

The popular layer 1 blockchain Tezos (XTZ) is making new strides towards the adoption of non-fungible tokens. With the new release of the OpenMinter...

France Reveals Lower Crypto Capital Gains Tax

Cryptocurrency aficionados in France have received good news. Earlier this year the Council of State, the national government's body charged with providing the executive...

French Regulators Issue Bitcoin Warning

French stock market regulator AMF and Bank of France's banking supervisory ACPR yesterday issued a joint statement warning savers "of the risks associated with...
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