Tag: Algorand

SkyBridge Contributes $250 Million Towards DeFi On Algorand

The investment firm SkyBridge Capital seeks to raise up to 250 million USD for the development of decentralized applications on Algorand. https://twitter.com/Algorand/status/1437418590676914180 Now over 700 million...

Algorand Unveils Plans To Become Carbon-Negative On Earth Day 2021

The layer 1 smart contract platform Algorand (ALGO) has announced that they are working on becoming a carbon-negative network. https://twitter.com/AlgoFoundation/status/1385219742743552003 One of the Leading Green Blockchain...

Italian Copyright Agency Releases Intellectual Property NFTs On Algorand

The largest Italian copyright agency Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori (SIAE) uses the Algorand blockchain to issue digital rights certificates as non-fungible tokens. https://twitter.com/Algorand/status/1374723062776668163 4...
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