Tag: Abu Dhabi

Bithump Targets The Middle East For Expansion

Bithumb, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide is expanding operations to new horizons. After opening in the United States, it appears Bithump is...

Abu Dhabi Reveals Regulatory Framework For Cryptos

Abu Dhabi Global Market's FSRA (Financial Services Regulatory Authority) launched their new regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies on June 25th and, according to reports, the...

Abu Dhabi Leads From The Front With Crypto Regulation Framework

By David Drake As the cryptocurrency industry grows, it’s becoming increasingly evident that regulation is necessary. Abu Dhabi has joined the growing number of countries...

Abu Dhabi Announces Regulatory Guidelines For ICOs

By Ali Reza The country’s financial regulation authorities recently released guidelines for ICO investors. Regulating bodies based in Abu Dhabi recently announced that they will start...
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