Tag: 51% attack

Mining Centralization Won’t Break Bitcoin – Independent Crypto Research

Independent crypto researcher Hasu argues that mining centralization is not really an issue for bitcoin. According to him, miners are so invested in...

An Anatomy Of Cryptographic Attacks

Just the same way sugar attracts ants, so also does any juicy innovation, especially in the financial sector attracts threats. Interestingly, Satoshi’s blockchain technology...

Hacker Creates 35 Million Verge (XVG) Tokens. Again

According to rumors circulating in cryptocurrency forums, Verge just got hacked. Again. Not even a full month after the last attack and, the worse...

Warning: Bitcoin Gold Was Hacked

An unidentified hacker has executed several "double spend" attacks on the infrastructure of the Bitcoin Gold cryptocurrency. As a result, he amassed over $18...
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