Like Fantasy Football - for Trading. Play, predict & earn real money.
ico symbol
ICO Price of Token
$1 - 100 ZFX
Start date
January 03, 2018
Closing date
January 31, 2018
It's like fantasy football - for traders. Enter or create your own fictional trading competitions or prediction competitions - for forex and now, for the first time, cryptocurrency markets. You'll use live data streams to compete head-to-head against other peers. The winner takes home the prize earnings - that can then be exchanged for cash on the markets. It's a great way to hedge your cryptocurrency investments, learn about the markets, or test new strategies. The platform is LIVE and has already facilitated 1000s of people. With ZFX in limited supply, this is going to be a huge opportunity.
Token supply

Lawrence Richardson II

Alex Goldstein

Ron Klipstein

David Peteler

Cahill Puil

Yang Guo

John West

Eytan Ainsfeld

Tiz Gamborcota

Pablo Brothers

Mark Friedgan

Jake Fisher


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