Decentralized protocol for building a fair and equitable service economy
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Start date
January 16, 2018
Closing date
February 16, 2018
Kudos is the cryptocurrency for service-oriented businesses; it’s a way to rate and reward workers and users impartially. By using the blockchain to achieve transparency, Kudos will bring trust in ratings through cryptographically verified transactions that cannot be manipulated by ads or algorithms—the shift will also help eliminate tipping discrimination. As the service and marketplace economies have boomed, much of the wealth created has remained in the hands of the platform owners and investors. Tips and rewards have been misaligned which creates inconsistent experiences on both sides. Kudos solves this problem by rewarding users and workers based on their actual performance and usage. Kudos will become essential infrastructure for businesses across all service economies today — from ridesharing to coffee shops to restaurants — and become the backbone of web 3.0 and the blockchain-based businesses of tomorrow.

Adam Nestler – CEO
Brad Werntz – Chief Strategy Officer
Lou Harwood – CTO
Craig Nestler – Chief Product Officer
Hayden Broberg – Director of Operations
Ben Johnson – Blockchain Architect

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