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Symbol SAAV
ICO Price of Token $.01 USD each
Start date October 22, 2017
Closing date December 23, 2017

Our first game, Agame is a time management game along the lines of the Lords of Ultima. The game has an entirely free market economy for players to trade or buy/sell anything between each other. The gold currency in the game is our SAAVcoin token in the real world. This provides a new level in the game as the market price of gold is tied to the free market that trades the SAAVcoin based on supply and demand. The market will control the pricing entirely.



Shawn Gordon – CEO and co-founder; Over 30 years experience in software and product development bringing over 70 products to market.

Andrew Jackman – Software Engineer and co-founder; Over 10 years experience developing product in multiple languages and platforms. For Andrew, code is life.

Oleksandr Iakovliev – Software Architect and co-founder; Over 15 years of software and product design and development, building advanced GUIs and high-availability systems for multiple operating systems.

Vali Draganescu – Software Engineer and co-founder; Has 7 years experience building native and cross platform mobile apps as architect and developer who successfully launched games, utilities and IoT apps for Android and iOS.


United States


Blockchain Ethereum

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