The Protocol for Securing Smart Contracts
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Start date
November 15, 2017
Closing date
November 22, 2017
Quantstamp is a specialized network that connects developers, investors and users around a transparent and scalable proof-of-audit. The network acts as a critical piece of transparency by enabling automated checks on smart contract vulnerabilities and automatically rewarding verifiers who identify bugs. Quantstamp tokens allow the platform to operate in a scalable and fully decentralized fashion, delivering computation fees to verifier nodes, and bounties for locating vulnerabilities.

Richard Ma – CEO & Cofounder
Steven Stewart – CTO & Cofounder
Edward Zulkoski – Senior Security Engineer
Dr. Vajih Montaghami – Senior Security Engineer
Prit Sheth – Lead Backend Engineer
Anna Kao – Graphics and UX Designer
Krishna Sriram – Community Manager/PR
Meg VanDeventer – Head of Communications

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