Blockchain-secured medical records
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Start date
May 31, 2017
Closing date
June 03, 2017
Patientory is a blockchain-based distributed electronic medical record storage computing platform. Healthcare entities can secure private health information, rent computing power, servers and data centers and make their unused resources available through a unique private infrastructure on the Ethereum blockchain. From the platform smart contracts can be executed in relation to the patient care continuum cycle.

Chrissa McFarlane – Founder/CEO
Jesse Brown – CTO
Michael Beer – Lead Developer
Michael Rubin – Marketing
Bob Logan – Business Development
Mohan Ramanuja – Technology Specialist
Sonya Rush- Outreach and Recruitment
Frenesa Hall, MD – Advisor – Clinical Strategy
Peter Kung – Advisor – Healthcare Strategy
Geetha Rao – Advisor – Regulatory & Product Strategy
Nigel Waller – Advisor – Mobile Strategy
Rick Brounstein – Advisor- Finance
Richard DiMonda – Advisor – Commercialization
Rodney Sampson – Advisor – Growth Hacking
Shawn Wilkinson – Advisor

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